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CPP – Psycho-pedagogical Center for education and conflict management – is based in Piacenza and Milan.

It deals with conflict management using the maieutic method developed by Daniele Novara together with the Staff.

European Projects

The CPP proposal is developed in training contexts, with particular attention to conflict management and pedagogical dynamics. For several years the CPP has been collaborating with international institutions for the realization of shared projects on the European territory.

Manifesto del Buon Conflitto

Good Conflict Poster

Conflict management skill are priority in our complex society and one of the key competences for the European Union.

To celebrate CPP’s (Psycho-pedagogic Center for education and conflict management) 25th anniversary, its founder Daniele Novara and all the staff wish to share their scientific and learning know-how with this poster.


News on the initiatives of the CPP and reports from the world of education, pedagogy, maieutic communication.

Bringing the school back to its vocation of emancipation and inclusion is possible, with patient and intelligent work.