Emp:path – Mindful Parenting

Exploring Mindful Parenting, a path towards social well-being.

Monday morning; you have an important meeting in your job coming up today; your kids do not really want to get out of bed; late they come to have some breakfast; you have 10 minutes to leave the house to avoid coming late to the meeting; the children start to quarrel and you would like them just to get ready to go to school … 

A fairly common situation out of everyday life of parenting – situations when planning and organisation, convincing and persuading do not work anymore; and emotions in all its colours get into the driving seat. How does a mindful response to such a situation look like?

Mindfulness does not propose solutions, does not suggest recipes how to deal with challenging situation. It invites foremost to become aware – aware of what is all happening in a given situation to you, to others. Noticing emotions, noticing thoughts, noticing body reactions – noticing before jumping into an impulsive reaction that you might regret afterwards. Developing the ability to choose your response rather than react!

Mindful Parenting

Here is the essence of mindful parenting and with it the essence of the project “EMP:PATH”. The project is exploring ways to support parents in developing a more mindful approach to parenting – for their own well-being and the well-being of their kids and families.

The four partner organisations in the project have a history working with parents as well as having mindfulness as a focus in their programs. Now they got together to learn from each other experiences and competences to enhance their work and offers in the field of mindful parenting.

Concrete outputs of the projects will be:

Guidelines for a curriculum of mindful parenting programs.
A story-book with shared experiences of parents trying to apply a more mindful approach to their parenting.

Background literature:

Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn, Everyday blessings
Susan Bögels and Kathleen Restifo, Mindful parenting


CPP – Psycho-pedagogical Center for education and conflict management

CPP (Psycho-pedagogical Center for Peace and Conflict Management) was founded by the pedagogist Daniele Novara in 1989. Based in Italy (Piacenza and Milan) is a training center specialized in the processes of change and learning in situations of conflict.

The CPP’s working method is based on Maieutics: the ability to discover the internal resources present in everyone to find out what they need to stay in conflicts. It is possible to learn to stay in conflicts rather than fear and avoid them. Good confrontational competence is the main antidote to violence.

For children aged 2 to 11, Daniele Novara has developed the “Litigare Bene” (Arguing Well) method that helps children manage problems without the intervention of adults. This method, applied in infant-toddler centres, preschools and primary schools, allows children to learn conflictual skills that are useful for life.

MIND – Plymouth and District

Our dedicated and professional staff and volunteers are committed to the personal care of vulnerable people with mental health issues. We are committed to helping our service users lead independent lives within the community, and where possible to undertake volunteering or training, and in some cases to return to paid employment.

L’Ydille Lang

L’Ydille Lang : a space for training and experiencing in intercultural, personal and sustainable development. Living life as a Whole. Evolving in a space comprising the whole and the parts in its immutable movement and change. Enabling self-improvement, willingness, good faith in order to strive towards individual and social education by maintaining just relations with others, by self-fulfillment.