Large participation in the CPP National Convention

Report on the National Conference, from the website of the newspaper Libertà.

Extract from the article by Thomas Trenchi.

“We must go back to fighting for the city of children, Piacenza must come out of the swamp of military belonging. In part, over the years, we have succeeded. But not entirely, we need to go on ”. This is the exhortation that the pedagogist Daniele Novara launched today at the national conference “Nobody educates themselves. How to build a community to grow together “, organized by the CPP (Psycho-pedagogical Center for Education and Conflict Management) at the Politeama cinema.

“Everyone talks about an educating community, but in a rhetorical way – said the expert – in an attempt to bring teachers and parents together, with the result that families have become enormous after-school programs. Mothers and fathers review algebra at night to be able to do their homework … That doesn’t work “. Novara then analyzed the difficulties in providing certain services: “Summer camps cost too much and the alternatives are video games or grandparents. Equalized kindergartens are in crisis. And those who pay for it are foreign children, who often do not attend the facilities. Yet from three to six years the identity of an individual is built. The salaries of the teachers are embarrassing, the teachers of the infantile bracket should be paid more than those of the high school “.

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Immagine del pubblico al Convegno Nazionale CPP 2022