Litigare bene si può – Cpp online conference

In the conference dedicated to the Litigare Bene method, conceived by Daniele Novara, space will be given both to psycho-pedagogical and scientific research, and to the many experiences that have spread over the years in our peninsula, but also in Europe.

Arguing well is the real antidote to war and violence.
This method is the way to an education for peace that contributes to respect for oneself and for others, allowing to recognize one’s own emotions and that of others.

For over ten years, the Litigare bene method conceived by Daniele Novara has been introducing an innovative way to read and manage conflicts between children in schools and families.

This is a great novelty, also in the history of pedagogy, as it has promoted a positive vision of the little ones in one of their moments considered most critical, that is when they quarrel.

The method allows us to move from a guilty view of children based on “Who did and who started?” to a vision that focuses on learning and the necessary childhood ability to play even in adverse conditions.

Immagine Convegno Litigare Bene