Nessuno si educa da solo – CPP National Conference

The CPP National Convention will be held on 22 October 2022: it is an opportunity to restore hope to the need to feel part of a growing and learning universe.

The conference is a unique opportunity, a new beginning that marks the need to break the prejudice and rhetoric on liquid society to organize a common, albeit not homogeneous, sensitivity to restore hope to the needs of the little ones, the youngest and everyone. we feel part of a growing and learning universe.

“Nobody educates themselves. How to build a community to grow together ”is the new CPP National Convention scheduled in Piacenza on Saturday 22 October at the Politeama Theater.

The long history of the CPP, of educational and pedagogical commitment in crucial and difficult situations, is made available to reflect and try together to get out of a feeling of educational deprivation that in the years of the pandemic, to which anxiety has recently been added for the war, it led to particularly harsh conditions of isolation.

Building a community to grow

It takes a shared look on education, on the individual and social need to have opportunities for growth, learning and development of one’s resources.

The educational desire must be cultivated together, it cannot be left to the technicians of the sector alone, be they parents or teachers.
Today’s society is increasingly interconnected and no one can take shelter in a protected and isolated niche.

Educare cannot be delegated exclusively to specialists.
We need a common, benevolent and positive gaze, a gaze that knows how to team up and interact despite the inevitable differences and divergent points of view.

The recording of the conference can be reviewed in streaming.

Immagine del Convegno CPP "Nessuno si Educa da solo"